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New Radiohead Music: Paul Is Dead!

Over the weekend, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich combined snippets of new Radiohead tracks into an MP3 called “A Bit of Tape From the Studio.” The whole thing’s pretty wonky, but you can hear samples of songs Radiohead have been roadtesting live, such as “All I Need,” “Open Pick” and “Bangers and Mash.” There’s also some audio that’s played backwards, a studio trick Radiohead have used in the past on songs like “Spinning Plates.” So we listened to the track from end-to-start to decode what else might be going on and discovered some audible lyrics “Before you run away from me,” around the 0:21 mark. Below, check out both the Radiohead-posted version and our reversed version and tell us what you hear.

The original MP3 Radiohead posted:

After we decoded it:


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