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New Dr. Dre Video for ‘I Need a Doctor’: Like ‘Rocky III’ Meets ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’

Eminem and Skylar Grey guest in the video, which was directed by ‘Menace II Society’ filmmaker Allen Hughes

In yet another sign that Dr. Dre is actually on verge of releasing his long-delayed album Detox, he has just released a video for the single “I Need A Doctor” – the song he performed at the Grammys with Eminem and Skylar Grey. The seven-minute video, directed by Allen Hughes, begins in February 2001 with Dre near an ocean reflecting on his life. Then it turns into Rocky III. Remember that scene after Mickey died and Rocky recklessly drives around in a sports car while flashing back to key moments in his career? This is the same thing, but Dre is looking back at his time in N.W.A. and his work with Snoop and Tupac rather than the time he beat Apollo Creed and went ice-skating with Adrian.

Then he crashes his car and it flashes forward 10 years. Doctors are attempting to rebuild him, while Eminem raps about his undying devotion to his mentor. By the last verse Dre has recovered and he lashes out at everybody who turned their back on him during his decade away from the game. He vows this will be his final album – but there’s still no release date. The rumor mill says April 20th, and this time it might actually be true.

“I Need a Doctor” [MTV]


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