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My Coachella: The Cool Kids

One of the Cool Kids MCs, Mikey Rocks, was wielding a giant blue supersoaker and threatening to douse anyone in the VIP area “who’s trying to look too cool” when Rock Daily caught up to him Sunday afternoon outside his trailer in the artist area at Coachella. Before the water carnage began, we asked him some questions about the group’s desert gig:

Dream Coachella headliners:
Headlining on the far left stage I want Nas. And then in the middle left stage, A Tribe Called Quest. Middle stage, this is the main stage, I want a collaborative show with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biggie and Hall & Oates. That would be my dream concert right there.

Best show you’ve seen so far:
Prince. People were talking about no, he’s not going to do any of the jams, he’s going to do a bunch of new stuff, but he came out straight into the jams. He’s Prince, man. He could walk into a room and point at me and be like, “Shut the fuck up” and I’d be like, okay, Prince, whatever you say, man.

If I had five minutes alone with Prince …
I’d curl up and breathe and look at him and be awkward. I wouldn’t really be able to talk to him, I freeze up when people that I really want to see walk into a room. I saw Jay-Z a couple of days ago at Kanye’s show in L.A. I was upstairs with Justin Timberlake and Kenna and then Jay-Z just kind of walked pat us and there was no security or anything, and I couldn’t muster up the words to go talk to him or try to shake his hand, so I just looked and then he disappeared.

Coolest thing about your own set:
We had these supersoaker water guns onstage with us and we were squirting the crowd, I think they really liked that. We had a bunch of beach balls we kicked into the crowd, too, and we were running around going crazy.

If you could invite another performer at the fest onstage with you:
Of course Prince, and I’m a big fan of the Bird and the Bee, and I missed them because we got here too late.

Best backstage perk:
There’s free massages, and for dinner they serve crab legs and lobster and crazy stuff. There’s a chocolate fountain, I was just sticking strawberries and marshmallows in there and mashing it in my face.

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