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My Coachella: Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip

“It’s good to be playing Coachella at a good slot before we’ve even released anything over here,” marveled Dan le Sac, the MC half of U.K. hip-hop duo Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, as the two sought out a patch of shade in the V.I.P. area on Day One of the fest (U.S. fans know them best for their video for “Thou Shalt Always Kill”). Rock Daily quizzed them on their desert odyssey:

Coolest thing about our own set:
Scroobius Pip: On the U.K. tour we’ve got a living room that we take everywhere with us (an armchair, a grandfather clock). I’ve got a few props which we could smuggle through customs. Oh, and our beard fans. If we look out and a lot of people have got them I’ll have a freaky Being John Malkovich moment of looking out and seeing thousands of my own beard looking back at me. That would be literally the coolest thing about our set.

If you had five minutes alone with Prince …:
Scroobius Pip: I’d show him my mike skills. In the U.K. I use a straight mike stand and I’ve learned a couple of tricks I’ve learned from Prince live DVDs.

Best Coachella drug (or cocktail):
Dan le Sac: Nothing during the day. In the evening, a mojito, then a mix of MDMA and ketamine … that’ll do.

Best backstage perk:
Scoobius Pip: At the U.K. festivals they have catering and an area set apart for the bigger acts and nothing for the smaller acts. Here, because everyone’s in the same area they have to have a higher standard, because Jack Johnson isn’t going to be happy if it’s not nice. They do a different piece of art for each act, which is a nice touch. They stitched a picture of our beards for us. It’s fantastic. Even when we collected our passes they put our name on it with glitter and Power Ranger stickers.

Most looking forward to seeing:
Scroobius Pip: When we did our first U.K. tour Prince was doing twenty-one nights in the U.K., I bought tickets to two but because we were doing our tour I missed them all. Then then put him on tomorrow night, when we’re going home. We’ll catch Aesop Rock tonight. Tomorrow you’ve got M.I.A., Animal Collective.

Dream headliners:
Dan le Sac: I’d have Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Mogwai on just before ’em.
Scroobius Pip: I’d open with Kate Bush and close with Prince.

Black Kids, Cool Kids or Cold War Kids:
Dan le Sac: Cool Kids.
Scroobius Pip: They seem to be doing something great.

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