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Moby Shrugs Off Eminem Diss and 4 More Fun Facts From His AMA

‘Apart from his misogyny and homophobia Eminem is an amazingly talented rapper,’ Moby said



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Earlier today, Moby took to Reddit to hype his new video, “Almost Home” – “the best video ever made involving a stuffed animal on an airplane for a budget of $10 or less,” he said – and to answer questions in an AMA session. The video accompanied a track on his 11th album, Innocents, which came out last year; his Reddit commentary accompanied only his fans’ imaginations. Among his 90 or so answers, he addressed the perceived feud he had with Eminem over the rapper’s digs at him in the 2002 single “Without Me,” as well as his love of amphibians, among other topics. Here are the five best answers Moby gave in the chat.

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1. He does not hate Eminem for dissing him.
“I think apart from his misogyny and homophobia he’s an amazingly talented rapper,” Moby wrote. “And it’s amazing to me that he’s had such a long and successful career. So kudos to him.”

2. He likes the Eminem song that dissed him.
“My favorite Eminem song is ‘Mosh’. And ‘Without Me’, because he gave me some amazing free publicity.”

3. Dubstep tickles his bowels.
“I love [dubstep]. Some of those sounds and bass lines when heard loud are just amazing, even if they make me have to go to the toilet.”

4. He likes toads.
“I do. Very much. I will be very sad when global warming and toxins kill off all the toads and frogs and salamanders. Here’s hoping we, as humans, figure out a way to be less stupid.”

5. He says his song, “We Are All Made of Stars” is relatively accurate, scientifically speaking.
“Apart from two elements (hydrogen and helium?) everything else on the periodic table of elements (with which we’re comprised) came from the furnace of a star somewhere. Just remember: there’s not a single part of you that wasn’t present in the first 1/2 second of the big bang. Technically, we’re all 13,600,000,000 years old.”

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