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Miley Cyrus Oozes Sex, Plays With Food in ‘We Can’t Stop’

The increasingly racy pop star gets her twerk on and more in this scandalous, over-the-top new video

Skulls made of French fries, candelabras lit by s’mores and sausage-stuffed piñatas are just three of the ways Miley Cyrus features food in the video for “We Can’t Stop,” which premiered today. Predictably, Miley’s twerking again – and less predictably, she’s doing it because alphabet soup told her to (just watch it).

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Though the credits declare “Mike Will made it,” the video has Miley version 2013 all over it. By that, we mean a pimped-out party girl who’s about one thousand gyrations away from her former Disney guise. In a Q&A in the current issue of Rolling Stone, Miley doesn’t seem turned off by her new rep. “People refer to [cocaine] as Miley Cyrus,” she says. Her less-than-obscured pun on the drug molly in the lyrics point to her new persona, too: “You’re not allowed to say ‘molly’ on the radio, so it obviously says ‘Miley.’ I knew people were gonna wonder what I’m saying in that song,” she told Rolling Stone. Hey, it’s her party.


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