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Mark Sultan, ‘Oh Summertime’

Canadian garage rocker looks forward to the season

Mark Sultan

Mark Sultan

Ben Pobjoy

Click to listen to Mark Sultan’s ‘Oh, Summertime’

With “Oh, Summertime,” garage rocker Mark Sultan readies himself for the approaching heat of the coming season with fuzzy, jangly chords and barreling surf-rock drums. “I smelled the summer coming and it got the shadows on my brain moving long enough to pay it some respect,” he says. “Being Canadian, after a long winter, I tend to romanticize the summer as a time of color, hobo-sensuality, warmth, water and love. But I always forget the reality – it almost always ends up stoking the fires of chaos in my soul, bumming me out or making me crazy.”

Sultan’s live/one-take album, The War on Rock N Roll, is out now for free download on Sultan’s official site, and on limited-edition vinyl on In the Red Records. You can sample the album by downloading “Oh, Summertime” here.

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