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Macy Gray: The Six-Pack Q&A

Rolling Stone posed six questions to kooky neo-soul star Macy Gray. She revealed that she’s ready to begin a career as a pimp, is a Cold War Kids fan and plays a wicked hand of poker.

What is the most rock star thing that you have ever done?
You either are a rock star or you aren’t. If you are a rock star you just are, you don’t have rock-star moments.

What was your favorite record when you were fourteen?
It was Purple Rain and Thriller. But Purple Rain was my favorite album until I became an adult. In college Appetite for Destruction was my favorite. I love that album.

What’s on your current playlist?
I love Timbaland. My favorite songs right now are “The Way I Are” and “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Those are just hot songs. Also Cold War Kids’ “Hang Me Up To Dry.” It’s not trying to be pop, it’s just a real rock song.

How do you think you’ll know when it’s time to retire?
I don’t see myself retiring. I think I’m always going to do something.

Who’s the coolest person you have ever met?
The coolest people in my life are my kids.

What other profession can you see yourself doing?
I could see myself pimpin’. I know they say pimpin’ ain’t easy but it just seems like something I could do. It’s just so accessible. I could be Heidi Fleiss. Other than that, I would be a professional poker player. I’m not that good, but I could make money at it. Yesterday I played and I made $600, and today I made $700. So if I did that every day, four days a week — do I have to report it though?


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