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Love Gets Rehab Sentence

Singer reaches agreement with prosecutors

A refreshed-looking Courtney Love made her first public appearance in weeks yesterday, accepting a sentence of probation and time in a rehabilitation program, the result of pleading guilty to a being under the influence of a controlled substance. The charge stems from Love’s must-publicized October 2003 arrest, in which police picked her up for smashing the windows at a Los Angeles residence.

Per the plea agreement Love reached with prosecutors, Los Angeles Judge Patricia M. Schnegg sentenced the singer to eighteen-months probation. Conditions require Love be enrolled in an approved rehab program by October 29th. Additionally, she will have to take narcotics tests, stay away from known drug users and meet with a probation officer. She must also not use medical drugs without a prescription and abstain from alcohol and establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold, except for work-related matters.

“I have to stop drinking,” Love told Rolling Stone. “This is funny — I mean, it’s not funny at all. It’s profound, it’s deep, but I want to see if I can do it.”

Love’s lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, confirmed the former Hole frontwoman has been in rehab twice since committing the offense — once last year and again over the last two weeks, following her recent treatment for an undisclosed “gynecological” condition. The latter incident turned into a media circus with photographs appearing in New York City daily newspapers showing a distraught Love handcuffed to a stretcher. “Do you know Marilyn Manson thought I staged the whole thing?” she said.

“I feel very confident with the Courtney that was before us today,” Rosenstein said, “having three, four weeks of sobriety running right now and being on top of things. She looked fantastic, she was upbeat and very positive in being able to move forward with career and everything.”

Love will return to court Thursday for further pretrial motions on two felony drug possession charges also stemming from the October incident. Love also faces assault charges in Los Angeles tied to an April incident in which she allegedly attacked a woman with a bottle and a flashlight.


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