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London Notes: Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Axis: Bold As Love’ Released

New LP comes with freaky tracks, beautiful packaging

Jimi Hendrix, archive, Jimi Hendrix Experience, guitar, voodoo child, Rolling Stone

Jimi Hendrix circa 1968.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

Jimi Hendrix‘s new album is released here in a beautiful fold out package (making up for the very poor presentation of the first album). It’s titled Axis: Bold As Love with a magnificent “Pepper-ish” coloured sleeve showing Jimi together with a lot of freaky looking Indian cats and gods, sages and one guy with an elephant’s trunk for a nose or something! The album was released on December 1 and cost £10,000 to produce. It’s very freaky the few tracks I’ve heard – and at times shatteringly beautiful. Tracks include “If A Six Was A Nine,” “You Got Me Floating,” “Little Wings,” “Up From The Skies,” “Castles In The Sand,” “She’s So Fine,” “Little Miss Lover,” and a beautiful track “Spanish Castle Magic.”

This story is from the January 20th, 1968 issue of Rolling Stone.


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