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Live from the Grind at Bonnaroo 2016

Watch live performances and exclusive Rolling Stone interviews at Teva’s DIY Lounge at The Grind during Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival

MisterWives Talks Playing Main Stage at Bonnaroo and Shows Off Sandal-Making Skills

Indie-pop band MisterWives showed off their crafty sandal-making skills in Teva’s DIY Lounge at The Grind during Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival. The band spoke to Rolling Stone about their experience at the weekend-long festival.

Held on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, the Bonnaroo experience is unparalleled. Bassist William Hehir explained why. “It’s definitely breath-taking,” he told host, Michelle Marie. “We’ve played at different festivals, but this one has a unique feel. It’s kind of like being isolated on an island for four days.”

Lead singer, Mandy Lee was sill in disbelief about performing on the main stage at the festival and discussed how special the experience was for them. “Bonnaroo has been a dream collectively for us as a band,” she said. “We still haven’t come down from that high. It’s gonna take a while. “

Along with their magnetic stage presence, MisterWives’ eccentric and colorful music carries over into their personal style. “We don’t limit ourselves to one sound, one genre,” said Lee. “We like to mess around with everything and be eclectic, and I think that’s safe to say with how we dress. It’s all about expressing yourself and individuality.”

MisterWives continued to express their eclectic style through DIY activities at The Grind. The band had fun decorating their Teva’s in true, colorful fashion.

R&B Funk Band Con Brio Opens Up About the Inspiration Behind New Single “Free and Brave” From Upcoming Album Paradise

San Francisco R&B funk band Con Brio hit the stage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and spoke to Rolling Stone in Teva’s DIY Lounge at The Grind.

Following an electrifying performance that had everyone on their feet, 23-year-old front man Zeik McCarter spoke about the band’s dynamic stage presence. “Every performance is a surprise if you really stay in the moment,” the singer told host Michelle Marie. “We just bring our best to bring the energy; that’s what it’s all about.”

McCarter also broke down the creative process behind the band’s infectious single, “Free and Brave,” and reflected on the political anthem that was inspired by a tragic loss in his family. “Instead of being bitter or kind of feeling boggled down or oppressed, I decided to write a song and have my art and creativity be a reflection of the reality that we want to see.”

The single appears on Con Brio’s full-length album, Paradise, coming out on June 15th.

Mothers Reveals How the Band Got Its Start and Who the True Matriarch of the Group Is

Georgia-based band Mothers played at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview following their performance at the Teva DIY lounge at The Grind.

Lead singer-songwriter Kristine Leschper communicated with heartfelt, personal lyrics that reveal powerful emotions. She reveals the band’s creative process to host, Michelle Marie, and discusses the striking honesty behind their debut record, When You Walk a Long Distance, You are Tired.

“It kind of felt like the only way to do it for me,” Lepcher explained when asked about her expressive songwriting. “The only strength that I felt I really had was to be honest, and to just try and put something out that felt like it was really from the gut.”

The singer went on to talk about her songwriting process, and how she’s been eager to create following their tour. “It’s been good for me to not be able to write for a while, because now I’m so desperate to just sit down and do it.”

The group originated as Leschper’s solo project and evolved into a four-piece band on the local music scene in Athens, GA. Guitarist, Drew Kirby touched on the instant chemistry and seemingly organic process of forming the band.

“We were making the record two or three weeks after we first played a show together. That’s how quick it actually happened.”

When asked who the “mother” was out of the group, Kirby did not hesitate to describe Leschper as the one who keeps the band in order. He added, “She’s just the most sensible.”

Givers Reflects on How They Formed Their Connection and What Went Into Creating Their Second Record New Kingdom

Following their acoustic performance at Teva’s DIY lounge at The Grind, Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson of indie pop group Givers joined Rolling Stone and host Michelle Marie for an interview.

Made up of five high school friends from Lafayette, Louisiana, Givers found their unique sound by exploring a myriad of musical genres together. Taylor Guarisco said he knew there was something special about their organic connection.

“That’s what created the band. It felt like an immediate chemistry where ideas were being laid down together in a resonant way,” Guarisco explained. “We chase those moments collectively.”

The band’s sophomore album, New Kingdom, was a departure from their debut, as they took a nomadic approach to experiment with new influences. Guarisco went on to explain the progression of their sound and evolution as a band.

“It was fun to make a second record. We didn’t rely on any of the rhythmic pillars foundation of the first record.” Guarisco told Marie as he teased new music on the horizon. “Now, it’s exciting to know this band can play anything and do anything.”

See Margaret Glaspy Recall Journey to Emotions and Math Debut

Singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy performed at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and hit the stage in Teva’s DIY Lounge at The Grind for a stripped-down set. Afterwards, she sat down with Rolling Stone, telling host Michelle Marie all about her experience at “The Roo.”

“It was really fun,” said Glaspy, “It’s kind of a different vibe over here. It felt like kind of a sanctuary. I give it my all no matter where I play, but there was something kind of special about this one.”

The versatile, New York-based artist is poised to release her highly anticipated debut album, Emotions and Math, on June 17. Glaspy opened up to Marie about the creative process, breaking down the various stages it took for her to finally release a record she was proud of.

“It feels like it took 27 years to make. The first couple run-throughs of recording a record were on an iPad,” she said. “The second pass I got the proper recording equipment and made it in my apartment again. Then, ATO Records got in touch and asked me to make a record, so I made it a third time. I just feel lucky to have gotten that much time to make the record and do it exactly the way I wanted to.“

Bonnaroo was the kick-off debut to Margaret Glaspy’s headlining tour across the US and Europe. For more information, visit

Finish Ticket on Relating to Their Fans

Bay Area quintet Finish Ticket performed at The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and joined Rolling Stone for an interview following their acoustic set in Teva’s DIY Lounge at The Grind.

Lead vocalist Brendan Hoye and guitarist Alex DiDonnato spoke with host Michelle Marie about how the band felt their first-time performing at Bonnaroo.

“It’s one of those legendary festivals we’ve heard about for years growing up.” said DiDonnato. “Now that we get to play it, we’re just really excited about it.”

“It’s kind of a nice excuse for to go check out other bands we’ve been loving and listening to on the road,” Hoye added.

With melodies straddling the line between indie rock and radio-ready pop, the band aims to make music for fans who relate to the growing pains of the early 20s. The frontman went on to discuss the overarching theme behind their debut EP, When Night Becomes Day.

“The songs are about transitioning out of high school and going to college. A lot of people relate to that because they don’t know what they’re doing in college or that age,” Hoye told Marie. “Lyrics are really important to us. I love to write about stuff that people our age are connecting with.”

The San Francisco-based band also teased a headlining tour coming this fall. Go to for more information.

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