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Lil’ Jon Excited to Move Into ‘Club Music’ on New Album

Rapper teaming with DJs for ‘Party Animal’

lil jon

Lil Jon arrives at the MTV Snow Jam.

Graham Denholm/WireImage

Rapper Lil’ Jon’s next album, Party Animal, will find him embracing the club world. “I’m working with all types of producers,” he tells Rolling Stone. “There’s all kinds of different music on the album. I call it club music or party music. When people hear it, it just makes them want to dance and have a good time and live life.”

For Lil’ Jon, who DJed house in Atlanta in the Nineties and has a current residency at Las Vegas’ Surrender, working with DJs is a natural to him – and he’s excited about mixing rap with dance and electronic music. “I think fusion is what’s the next thing. You got more and more hip-hop artists working with electro-house producers and the fish out of water thing sometimes turns into something incredible,” he says.

Fans got a preview of just how much partying Lil’ Jon is planning on doing when when he recently unveiled the first single, “Drink,” featuring recent chart toppers (and world-class partiers) LMFAO – who he worked with on their song “Shots.” “Basically I took the old college chant that everybody knows for generations and generations – when somebody’s chugging a beer or hitting the funnel or drinking straight out of the bottle you always say, ‘Drink, drink,'” he says.

In true DJ fashion, he’s going to continue unveiling tracks and the let the fans decide the cuts on Party Animal, which doesn’t have a release date yet. “It’s a bunch of club tracks put together on the album,” he says. “And whatever records raise their heads up when you put ’em out, those are the ones that make the album.”

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