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Lil B: ‘I Stand With Wendy Davis’

The Bay Area rapper on why he supports women’s right to choose

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On Tuesday night, as the world tuned in to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ epic abortion-rights filibuster, Bay Area rapper Lil B was on tour in the Netherlands. After hearing what was happening in Texas, he sent out a message in solidarity to his 700,000 Twitter followers: “SHOUT OUT TO WENDY DAVIS STAY #BASED AND POSITIVE! FIGHT FOR WOMENS RIGHT!” In this exclusive op-ed, Lil B explains why he supports women’s right to make their own medical decisions.

I like to speak about things that I’m passionate about, and when I got word about what was going on in Texas, it’s something I wanted to talk about with everybody. I support women’s rights. I don’t talk about it a lot, but it’s definitely something that hits close to home for me.

I support Wendy Davis, and I stand with her. When politicians try to restrict women’s rights, it hurts. These things should be up to women. There are a lot of different situations where pregnancy comes about – as a man, it’s hard for me to make a decision on that. It’s up to a woman how she wants to bring a child into the world, or if she wants to continue with her life and mature more and bring a child in when she’s ready. It needs to be an option. There are people who say, “Hey, you shouldn’t have sex,” or that it’s like killing a human. But my viewpoint is, I’m not the one having a kid, so why does my opinion matter? It should be up to the woman.

I respect where the Republicans come from – I’m trying to understand their perspective. But I really do feel like it’s a woman’s choice. When it’s a bunch of men voting on women’s rights, I don’t know. How can a man really understand that? I’m not going to feel a woman’s pain and what she goes through. Observing from my perspective, and seeing what I see, I think women should definitely have full control over their bodies.

Women’s rights are something that I really care about. Girls of all ages support me, and I want to do what I can to help women feel good. Because that’s going to help out guys, too, you know? And it’s going to help the world in general. We need to understand each other – more empathy, just continuously trying to learn about other people’s situations. Love is the cure to everything.

Wendy Davis matters. She’s a woman fighting for what’s right. A lot of people aren’t agreeing with her; she’s doing something that’s out of the norm. A lot of people who do agree are scared to speak, or they’re not in a position to be heard. So I definitely respect Ms. Davis for planting new seeds for women’s rights. I’m trying to do that on my level, too. I think women are going to keep excelling. We’re going to have a woman president. We need more women in the workforce, way more women involved in running everything. That’s our problem.

As told to Simon Vozick-Levinson

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