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Lemmy’s Favorite Bar Erects Permanent Statue to Honor Singer

Los Angeles bar the Rainbow plans to “say goodbye to a dear friend,” erects permanent statue in singer’s honor


The Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, Lemmy Kilmister's favorite watering hole, will hold a memorial service for the Motörhead legend

Eamonn McCabe/Redferns/Getty

UPDATE: The Rainbow Bar & Grill unveiled a permanent statue of deceased Motörhead singer Lemmy Kilmister, a frequent purveyor of the famed Los Angeles bar.

The Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, Lemmy Kilmister‘s favorite watering hole, will hold a memorial service for the Motörhead legend on January 9th. “Join us as we say goodbye to a dear friend and loved one,” the bar’s Facebook told patrons of the 12-hour service. “Come celebrate the life of Lemmy Kilmister. Legends never die.”

For decades, Kilmister was a regular at the Sunset Strip bar in West Hollywood, often stationing himself in front of his favorite video-game console. When Lemmy found out that he had terminal cancer, Rainbow owner Mikael Maglieri brought the machine to Kilmister’s house; in Rolling Stone‘s look at Lemmy’s final days, it’s revealed that Kilmister spent many of his last hours playing the video game before passing away. (“Mikael called to say, ‘My God, he just died right in front of me,'” Motörhead manager Todd Singerman told Rolling Stone.)

Following Kilmister’s death, makeshift memorials adorned the outside of the Rainbow, and now the bar itself will pay tribute to Lemmy with a service. Additionally, one Motörhead fan created a Change.org petition calling for the erection of a Lemmy statue at the Rainbow, a tribute that was also supported by Maglieri.

Following Kilmister’s death on December 28th, the Rainbow wrote on their Facebook, “It’s hard to believe that we will never again see your smiling face at the end of the bar. You’ve been a wonderful friend to us all. You will forever live on in our hearts. And hold court at the Rainbow Bar And Grill.”


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