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‘Last Song Of The Dance ft. PillowTalk’ (Tanner Ross & Deniz Kurtel Remix) by Baby Prince & Navid Izadi – Free MP3

Baby Prince and Navid Izad.

Baby Prince and Navid Izad.

Courtesy of Soul Clap Records

Artist: Baby Prince & Navid Izadi
Song: “Last Song Of The Dance ft. PillowTalk (Tanner Ross & Deniz Kurtel Remix)”
Album: Baby Prince & Navid Izadi

“The original track was made in Majorca last summer, the first chance Navid and I had gotten to work together. Sammy D from PillowTalk was also there that weekend and came in to sing at every opportunity. It was magical,” Gadi Mizrahi, better known as Baby Prince, tells Rolling Stone. “This track, to me, is the truest expression of the Crew Love synergy!”


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