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Lady Gaga Threatens Lawsuit Against ‘Baby Gaga’ Breast-Milk Ice Cream

Singer sends cease-and-desist notice to London shop


Lady Gaga has threatened legal action against Icecreamists, a shop in central London that had been selling an ice cream made from human breast milk called Baby Gaga. In a cease-and-desist notice issued to shop owner Matt O’Connor, Gaga described the product as “nausea-inducing.”

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She’s a bit late in going after the ice cream makers though, as the product was pulled last week when inspectors from Westminster’s food standards department seized the remaining breast milk ice cream to be tested for health code violations. Selling foodstuffs made with human bodily fluids is banned in London to combat the spread of disease.

Lady Gaga takes on Baby Gaga in breast milk ice-cream battle [Guardian]


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