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Korn Bring Cornfield, Free Show to Dedicated New York Fans

Yesterday, Korn turned New York’s Times Square into a cornfield (ha ha) for a press conference tied to the release of their twelfth album, then played a free show at South Street Seaport. At the Q&A, frontman Jonathan Davis spoke about his concerns over global warming (“I’m worried about my kids’ kids having a place to live”), the band’s new, untitled album (“It’s very musical. Very out of spirit”) and the group’s early days (“I miss it so much — we’d finish playing then go hang out with the fans. We used to go to houses, have BBQs, parties and stuff”). As for their latest work, “Writing with a keyboard player I think was the biggest difference because it added a lot of depth to songs that we hadn’t really had much experience experimenting with in the past,” guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer told Rock Daily.

A few hours later downtown, fans got a taste of the band’s new songs and a handful of classics at a raucous show. Every few minutes, kids emerged from the mosh pit with gashes on their necks or chests. We spoke to five megafans before they could get squashed about their love of Korn, the group’s upcoming covers album and reality show for the Web (which is being filmed during the Family Values Tour).

Name: George Wiley III, friends call me Saddle
Age: 23
Where from: Brooklyn, New York
Why is Korn still relevant? I was born in ’83 and when I first heard their songs I heard they were speaking out for everyone else. You feel that aura that he gives and you know I’m not the only one.
What song should Korn cover next? “Happy” by Mudvayne because of the voice.
What do you want to see on the band’s new reality show? Everybody, we all miss Head. I’d like to know more about what happened with him, we still love him.

Name: Emily Kemlich and Chad Squillate
Age: 21, 20
Where from: Georgia and Pennsylvania
Why is Korn still relevant? Kemlich: Korn saved my life, it’s the best band in the whole world, I l love them with all my heart.
Squillate: Three words: Korn is God. They didn’t save my life but they started me in the direction I needed to. They got me into music, and they got me to meet [Emily], we met at a Korn concert.
What song should Korn cover next? Kemlich: I’d like to see a cover of “Raw” by Pantera.
Squillate: Cannibal Corpse, any song from them. JD loves like Duran Duran, Hank Williams, yeah!
What do you want to see on the band’s new reality show? Kemlich: All their kids, their family life, all of them, we love them.
Squillate: I want to see how happy they are. I can see they’re totally happy with everything.

Name: Greg Packer
Age: 43
Where from: Huntington, New York
Why is Korn still relevant?
Relevant because they know how to bring the crowds out and give the crowds a great show. They know how to rock. Jonathan Davis is just amazing in concert, he knows how to bring the best out in people.
What song should Korn cover next?
AC/DC, Metallica, “Nothing Else Matters” because I love that song, it’s about how to come out and be yourself, dealing with work and school.
What do you want to see on the band’s new reality show? I want to see a band that’s compatible to Korn, similar to a tribute band but not exactly. Originals and some Korn covers, that what I would expect.

Name: Katherine Scaei
Age: 30
Where from: Queens, New York
Why is Korn still relevant? I’ve heard them since I’m like 15 and I think they’re such an awesome band. They’re pioneers in their field. I just think they’re absolutely amazing.
What song should Korn cover next? I like their original stuff, so I don’t know. I can’t compare them to any other band. What do you want to see on the band’s new reality show? I’d like to learn about them more.


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