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Ke$ha on Getting Baked, Considering Sex With Bieber, and Her ‘Lady-Wang’

Pop’s wildest child talks about the “vagina jungle” of her tour bus


Ke$ha performs on stage at The Forum, London, England, October 28th, 2009

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I WAS LIKE A WILDEBEEST, RUNNING around and breaking shit,” Ke$ha says of her attitude on her 2010 debut, Animal — a set of catchy, obnoxious dance-pop songs about partying and boys. Raised in Nashville by her songwriter mother, Pebe, Ke$ha is loud and provocative in a way that splits reactions into love her or loathe her. Her new album, Warrior, isn’t a total departure. “It’s about the magic of life,” she says. “Part of that is getting super drunk, but I wrote about other stuff this time as well. I feel like I’ve grown up into a futur­istic warrior goddess.” Does this mean the 25-year-old is — gasp! -mature? “A little bit,” she says. “Not too much. Don’t get worried — I still make a severe effort to get shitty as often as possible.”

I thought you were all about having fun. What’s with the “warrior” stuff?
I went on a spirit journey before I made this record, and got in touch with my inner hippie. Not, like, an armpit-hair-growing hippie, but to I’m very much into loving one another and acceptance. I was camping in South Africa, and I went into a past-life regression and went on this, like, hip­pie trip. But I came out of it a warrior. The word is representative of my energy at the moment — fearless, wild and ready to take over.

Uh, take over what?
The world. Duh!

You tweeted recently that you have a new favorite word: “lady-wang.” What is that, and can you use it in a sentence?
A lady-wang is a female wiener. A vag-iner. V-A-G-I-N-E-R. Here’s the sen­tence: “My lady-wang is becoming in­creasingly moist by the minute.”

Wow. Who taught you that word?
I can’t remember, so I’ll say it was my mom.

Your mom sounds awesome.
People find it strange that we’ve written songs together about boys and cannibalism, but she taught me from a young age that if I want anything in this life, it’s up to me to go and get it. She also said, “Have sex, but use condoms. Drink, but don’t drive.” She made sure I knew that you can do wild things if you’re responsible about them. I’m not doing anything that most girls my age aren’t doing. Most chicks that are 25 get a little tail here and there, and drink a couple of cocktails. So I’m just being honest, boo.

You just wrote a memoir. Is there anything the lawyers made you take out of it?
Yeah, I had to leave out the photos I collect­ed while I was on tour for the past 18 months. Whenever a man came onto my bus, he had to drop trou, and I took a Polaroid of him, just to emasculate him and make sure he knew he was in the vagina jungle. That’s what I call my bus. Some of the guys were wearing man-panties — but even if they were free-balling, there were no exceptions; they had to pose for a photo. I tried, I real­ly tried to use these photos in my book. But I think it’s illegal, technically.

Speaking of illegal, do you smoke pot?
Hmm, well… Fuck it, if I’m gonna tell somebody, I’m gonna tell Roll­ing Stone. I do smoke, but I get superweird, so it’s not something I do I all the time. Sometimes I go into the basement and body-paint, and some­times I get weirdo-paranoid and hide under the covers. It’s just a bad scene.

Earlier this year, there was a rumor that you’d had sex with Justin Bieber, which you said wasn’t true. Now that he’s single, would you consider it?
Sure. Wait, is he even legal? Could I go to jail for this?

Nah, he’s 18.
OK, then, I would. We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf. All the things that are legal at the age of 18.

You don’t have to be 18 to play putt-putt golf.
In Tennessee you do. They take it really seriously. But you can marry your cousin — I think that’s legal at any age.

What’s the worst song you heard this year?
One of my own songs. It’s called “I Ain’t Ever Gonna Be a Cock Block.” Because I only want to flow the cock, and cock blocks suck. [Sings] “Boy, I ain’t ever gonna be a cock block. No, no, no, no, no, no!” I liked it! But I was told, “It’s so good, it’s bad.”

What do you want for Christmas?
I want an adult baby stroller, so my manag­ers can stroll me around to interviews while I drink Slurpees.

Really, Slurpees? No booze?
I just love 7-Eleven. If the world was end­ing in 20 minutes, I’d walk across the street to 7-Eleven and hang out there with my cat, Mr. Peeps. 7-Eleven makes me really happy. It’s a one-stop shop, it’s open all night, and the green and red colors make me feel safe.

Is that why you want the stroller, too?
I’m a diva in only the most ridiculous ways — such as wanting to be pushed around in an adult baby stroller.

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