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Kelly Osbourne in Rehab

Ozzy’s daughter battling painkiller addiction

Kelly Osbourne has entered a drug rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, because of an addiction to painkillers.

Osbourne’s parents, Ozzy and Sharon, said on Larry King Live that a tabloid had received a photograph of the nineteen-year-old singer allegedly buying drugs. According to Sharon, Kelly’s brother Jack accompanied her to the Promises Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, a facility he had checked into himself a year ago.

Kelly’s troubles aren’t the only drug-related Osbourne news of late. Early last month, Ozzy Osbourne filed a formal complaint against Dr. David Kipper, a Beverly Hills physician who Ozzy claims over-prescribed drugs for him. Osbourne was reportedly taking as many as forty-two pills a day on Kipper’s recommendation, including Dexedrine and Valium. The California state medical board is investigating.

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