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Ke$ha Discusses Her Crazy Beautiful Love Life


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Ke$ha’s MTV docu-series “My Crazy Beautiful Life” returns to the airwaves this week, and while Season 2 of the show will delve deeper into her family life (her older brother Lagan films the series; her little brother Louie plays a starring role; and her mother Pebe is wackier than ever), the show will also focus on Ke$ha’s turbulent romantic adventures, starting with an “exorcism” of her private parts on the season premiere. Yikes!

Yahoo Music recently sat down with the “Your Love is My Drug” singer to talk about all the crazy beautiful trysts, hookups, flings, and blind dates we can expect in Season 2. Will Ke$ha finally find her bearded soulmate? Let’s find out.

Any romances happening for you in Season 2?
There are a few. This season you meet my family, which is funny and great, and my little brother even has a girlfriend. And I’m really frustrated because I just broke up with somebody, and he was like a lying motherf—er social-climbing piece of s— d—hole. And I was so in love with him! I thought he was my soulmate, and it turns out he just sucked so bad. So now I’m over it. You’ll see it in the season: My mom tries to set me up on a blind date, which is just a disaster. Like, he was nice, but the whole thing was just a mess. It’s me just deciding I’m sick of dating, I’m sick of all of it. I want the Bonnie to my Clyde. I want my partner in crime. And I don’t want to date anybody else anymore. I’m looking for my soulmate, and nothing short of that. So that’s where I’m at right now.

Was this evil ex-boyfriend of yours in Season 1 of your show?
No, you never meet him. I like keeping that ambiguous. But he knows who he is, and he knows I was the best thing that ever happened to him and he just blew it. So it’s his problem, really. But it just like crushed my heart, because underneath all this, I’m a hopeless romantic. And when I’m in love, I’m so in love. So when he lied to me and social-climbed me, it was devastating, you know? So now I’m in the process of just trying to weed through the a–holes and find that soulmate.

Would you ever try online dating?
I don’t know…can you imagine my profile? That’d be scary! I think people would be scared.

Have you written any songs about your recent love life troubles?
Oh, I’ve already written like a ton. It’s great. It actually is. In my opinion, love is the most amazing thing for creative inspiration. Falling in love or getting your heart crushed, you’ll get the best records, so it’s at least a way to take something super-negative and make it a positive. And I also pawned off the diamonds he bought me, which is great; I got to buy some Chanel vintage stuff [with the money]. It was cool.

So why do you like men with beards so much?
I have a severe fetish. It’s like, a problem. But I think it was born from loving kind of disheveled men. Are they hipster? Are they homeless? I like that game, trying to find out what kind of guy they are. And I really like guys that don’t look high-maintenance. I think that is where the beard thing comes in.

Is there anything about your personal life, or sex life, that would off-limits on your show? That you’d say “turn the cameras off” for?
Maybe for like, a pap smear. Like, “Please don’t come in!” But I don’t think anybody wants to see that anyways, so it’s like a mutual respect.

Besides lovers, you address your “haters” on the show. What’s your message there?
My whole thing is, honestly, is I just wanted to show that I too really know what it feels like to be bullied…and hopefully through watching what I’ve been through, my fans can see, “Yeah, she has had to deal with a lot of haters, like the bully at [my] school.” Maybe it makes it more relatable to my story, and so through that, they can relate to my music.

OK, speaking of men…is your occasional collaborator Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips ever going to be on your show? Please say yes!
You know, I love him, and we, like, text every day. We’re like best friends, and he would definitely be on the show. It’s a good point…we’re still filming, so maybe we’ll make him come on and do something weird!

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