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Kanye West, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones Remember David Bowie

Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Kendrick Lamar, Tina Turner and Billy Corgan also pay tribute to iconic singer’s influence

David Bowie passed away Sunday after a private, 18-month battle with cancer. The iconic artist was not only an innovative musician, but an actor and fashion icon as well. He collaborated with everyone from Mick Jagger and Trent Reznor to Cher and Luther Vandross, and his worked touched and influenced the lives of countless musicians, performers, visual artists, designers, actors and more with his innovative approach to creativity and reinvention.

Soon after the news of passing was announced, a collection of famous fans and collaborators shared their condolences and reflections on Bowie’s life and legacy.

Bowie’s eldest child, son Duncan Jones, tweeted a solemn confirmation of the news. The director, born Zowie Bowie, is the only child from the rock star’s first marriage to Angie Bowie. 

Kanye West responded early to the news, offering a touching tribute to Bowie’s “magic” as well as condolences to his friends and family.

Iggy Pop, who collaborated with Bowie throughout the Seventies, shared a simple tribute.

Cher, who had performed a medley of classic tunes with Bowie on her variety show back in 1975, revealed her heartbreak at the news as well. 

More fans and friends shared memories and more about the star on Twitter.

Bruce Springsteen:


Over here on E Street, we’re feeling the great loss of David Bowie. David was a visionary artist and an early supporter…

Posted by Bruce Springsteen on Monday, January 11, 2016

Elton John:

Paul McCartney: 


DAVID BOWIERight now, it feels as if the solar system is off it’s axis, as if one of our main planetary anchors has…

Posted by R.E.M. on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tina Turner:

“A piece of my heart has broken. Not only was David a passionate supporter of my career but more importantly a very special person in my life. An icon. Irreplaceable loving friend. I am missing him greatly.”

Billy Corgan:

“When a true star blinks out, the sky looks different, and never feels the same.”

Kendrick Lamar:

The Rolling Stones: 

“David was always an inspiration to me and a true original. He was wonderfully shameless in his work we had so many good times together. He was my friend. I will never forget him.” — Mick Jagger

“I’m deeply saddened by such a sudden shock.  David was a true original in everything he did and, along with many others, I’m going to miss him. Another goodbye to another good friend.” — Keith Richards


Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople:

“David wrote some wonderful songs. I was lucky enough to sing one of them, and it changed my life. My heart goes out to his wife, son and daughter. R.I.P. David.”

Yoko Ono:

St. Vincent:

Brian May:

I woke up late, after a long night, to shocking news. David Bowie gone.

I don’t know if I can react immediately.

He was a fearsome talent, and the loss to Music and Culture from his passing is inestimable.

In and out of our lives, always challenging and innovative, and … shocking.

But this news is hard to take in.

I had no idea he was close to death. Would like to have said something …

Very sad. Sincere condolences to his family.

But what a life.

All hail, David Bowie, Star Man, Hero. RIP. (via official site)


I just can’t believe it. I am in total shock about David Bowie’s passing. It’s crazy. Never in a million years did I…

Posted by Ozzy Osbourne on Monday, January 11, 2016

The Doobie Brothers:


Laura Jane Grace:

Louis Tomlinson:

Ricky Gervais:


Frances Bean Cobain:

Eddie Izzard:


Joe Elliott of Def Leppard:

“I heard the news today oh boy …. And I can’t believe what I’ve heard …. David Bowie is dead. He’s been a massive part of my life since I first heard “Starman” in 1972. So many of us came in at that moment, all very different from each other but all with one thing in common: the belief that a true rock & roll alien had landed on earth & he was ours. It is said ‘Never meet your heroes. They will let you down.’ Bullshit. He was open, funny, [and] a good listener! I can’t believe he’s gone. At least I have a lifetime of his music to comfort me, as we all have, as he left behind one hell of a legacy. The Starman waiting in the sky waits no longer. Rest in peace David Bowie and thank you for giving us believers something to believe in.”

Diane Warren:

Giorgio Moroder:

Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields:

“Wake me when anyone ever again writes an album as good as ANY Bowie studio album of the Seventies. From 1969 to ’80 he released ten strange and wonderful albums in a row (plus a few dull live and covers albums), all of which eventually charted, an achievement unparalleled in pop; and in the process made hundreds of millions. Does anyone even aspire to that anymore?”



Chuck D:

Billy Idol: 

The Weeknd:

Mark Ruffalo:

Josh Groban:

Harry Styles:

Weird Al Yankovic:

Dillon Francis:

Lenny Kravitz:

“David Bowie changed my life. I’d have to write a book to describe what he meant to me, but I would not be here without his influence. The fact that I got to know him and make music with him is a blessing from God in the highest order. What he gave the world with his art is immeasurable and timeless.”

Pete Yorn:

Anderson Cooper:


Adrian Grenier: 

Foo Fighters:

Judd Apatow:


J.K. Rowling:

Peter Gabriel:


I was shocked to learn of David Bowie’s death this morning. He meant so much to me and to so many.He was a one-off, a…

Posted by Peter Gabriel on Monday, January 11, 2016



Neko Case:

Florence and the Machine:

Adam Lambert:

Erykah Badu:

Mariah Carey:

The Kid Mero:

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