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Justin Bieber’s Reptilian Roots: Music’s Most WTF Conspiracy Theories, Explained

Australian fans claim to have seen superstar transform into slimy lizard person. (Spoiler alert: He probably didn’t)

Just in case you’ve ever wondered whether it’s actually possible to trace conspiracy theories back to their origins, here’s one where you can. In March 2017, an eyebrow-raising headline started circulating the Internet: “Hundreds of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into a Giant Reptile.”

The original website where the article allegedly appeared was Australian news site Perth Now. In the article, several anonymous sources gave colorful descriptions of the supposed scene they saw unfolding before them: Apparently, the Biebz was careless while shapeshifting at a Perth airport, and not one, not two, but hundreds of fans witnessed the pop star undergo a drastic transformation from well-coiffed singer into slimy lizard person, better known as a reptilian.

One particularly memorable quote from the article was attributed to a “local skater,” who said that Bieber “was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile. His bodyguard was pointing at us, shouting that he’d kick our teeth in if we didn’t put our phones away.”

Another onlooker told the site that “there were girls hiding in toilets, crying. Guys were running for the exits, jumping into taxis to get out of there.” Someone said they saw his eyes go black; another person claimed the singer grew taller and had gross scales all over his body. Basically, there was chaos, there were phones and people were recording the entire, terrifying scene.

Except, there weren’t any videos of the alleged transformation. Adding to the confusion, Buzzfeed News, who first took note of the odd story, was told by Perth Now’s head of digital content that the site never even published the piece in the first place. In other words, fake news.

Not that this was the first time Bieber has been accused of being part-reptile. In 2014, The Daily Dot published a story about the pop star’s arrest that year, with a video of Bieber looking glum in court. Eagle-eyed fans noticed something strange about the way the sleepy-eyed singer blinked in the video, claiming that he was blinking the way only a lizard can. The clip has more than three million views.

And Justin Bieber isn’t the only famous person who’s been accused of being a reptilian. Other very prominent individuals have been labeled lizard people in the past as well, people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bob Hope and Queen Elizabeth. The idea behind this theory is that flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids were sent here to earth to enslave the human race (hence the focus on famous, powerful individuals), and these were the ones we got.

Former BBC sports reporter David Icke, who published an entire collection of books about the conspiracy, is often cited as the authority on this theory. In his books, he has interviews with witnesses who say they’ve seen these reptilians transform with their own eyes, and he even blames reptilians for a number of historic tragedies, including the Holocaust, the Oklahoma City bombings and the September 11th attacks. Icke has even claimed that lizard people are behind other super secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Would that mean, then, that Bey and Jay are superhuman lizard people too? One can only wonder.

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