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Jimmy Eat World Return With Raw, Heartfelt ‘I Will Steal You Back’

Arizona rockers will release new album, ‘Damage,’ in June

Jimmy Eat World have returned with “I Will Steal You Back,” an expectedly emotional new track that glides with rumbling bass and wisps of frontman Jim Adkins’ vocals. But the chorus sweeps all that away, thundering down swiftly with tall guitars and Adkins’ cries of refusal to lose out on love.

Jimmy Eat World’s Next Album Is an ‘Adult Breakup Record’

“I Will Steal You Back” will be on Jimmy Eat World’s upcoming album, Damage, out June 11th. It’ll be their first record since Invented in 2010. “I hate saying more raw, but it’s more raw and warm,” Adkins told Rolling Stone earlier this month on the new album. “I would describe it as an attempt at making an adult breakup record.”


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