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Jim Carrey, Eels Team for Gun Culture Parody

Comedian, rockers poke fun at Charlton Heston in Funny or Die clip

Jim Carrey and Eels have teamed with Funny or Die for their new video for “Cold Dead Hand,” and it’s a barnstorming good time. Carrey parodies Charlton Heston and gun culture in a Hee-Haw-style clip, and then fills in for Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett to sing the country track as Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters. Earl interprets the lyrics with hand motions and spends the song antagonizing Heston, before an angry Heston tries to shoot him. The gun fails, and Earl continues to tease Heston that he won’t get into heaven because no one can pry the gun from his cold dead hand. “You’re a big, big man with a little bitty gland,” sings Earl. “Biting social satire” says another of Carrey’s characters. 

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