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Jay-Z Recruits Harvey Keitel, LeBron James For “D.O.A.” Video

The video for Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” premiered last night, June 28th, following the BET Awards, where Janet Jackson capped a night of Michael Jackson tributes with a brief speech thanking fans for their support and Jay took the stage to perform his latest single. The video opens up with a hat tip to Jay-Z’s recent distribution deal with Warner Music, as the label’s CEO Lyor Cohen is seen chauffeuring the rapper to an abandoned warehouse, opening the luxury car door for Jay-Z and saluting Jigga as he exits the vehicle. As Rock Daily previously reported, Blueprint 3, Jay-Z’s first album on Roc Nation, will be distributed by Warner Music’s Atlantic Records.

From the warehouse, Jay-Z bounces from the jazz club to the Italian restaurant, where the chef comes out to talk to Jay. (We’re pretty sure the restaurant is Harlem’s own Rao’s, an ultra-exclusive eatery that doesn’t normally allow cameras to film inside, let alone in the kitchen, where Jay-Z, the chef and guest Harvey Keitel start a game of high-stakes poker.) If a cameo by Winston Wolf wasn’t enough, Jay is later seen playing one-on-one basketball with LeBron James. Jigga’s odyssey ends with a trip to the barber to get his hair cut.

And like every good video, there’s pyrotechnics, as big necklaces emblazoned with giant A’s for “Auto-Tune” are blown-up along with today’s bright retro-inspired wear and, of course, boxes of Auto-Tune. As Rock Daily previously reported, The Blueprint 3 is out September 11th, exactly eight years to the day that the original Blueprint was released. Last night’s BET Awards also featured Jay-Z performing “D.O.A.” live, which you can watch over at YouTube.

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