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Jane’s Addiction Find and Lose ‘Another Soulmate’ – Song Premiere

‘I’m really happy that we have a good song that will serve as our calling card,’ says Perry Farrell

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction

Eliot Lee Hazel

Click to listen to Jane’s Addiction’s “Another Soulmate”

Jane’s Addiction have a busy end of the summer ahead. They will hit the road tomorrow with the Uproar Festival, joining Alice in Chains, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Walking Papers and more. As part of their set on the five-week tour, the rockers will perform a new song, “Another Soulmate,” which fans can hear first exclusively at Rolling Stone.

“Being that we have a tour, I’m really happy that we have a good song that will serve as our calling card when we hit various cities,” frontman Perry Farrell tells Rolling Stone. “Jane’s is kind of known for long songs; being this is a one-song single, I thought it’d be interesting to try and write a Beatles-esque short song that would be fast and furious and it would just be fun, dig it and move on, short attention span.”

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The quick-hitting track is unmistakably Jane Addiction, and was inspired by true events. “Etty [Lau Farrell, Perry’s wife] had a girlfriend and this girlfriend, as all people do, really wanted a mate, and I think she shortchanged herself an awful lot in life,” Farrell says. “She’s a good-looking woman, she had a career, but when it came to love and romance, she sold herself short all the time and she would reach out to guys that we would scratch our head like, ‘What is she doing with this guy?’ She said, ‘I feel like he’s my soul mate.’ Any time she’d meet a guy she’d say, ‘I feel like he’s my soul mate.’ So I wrote this song.”

Farrell already has a video concept in mind for the single. “I want to make something that would go viral; you can have a sense of humor and a creative young man or woman and put together a video. I said, ‘Think about the dating services, how wacky they are. Let’s do a parody of [an] online dating service: quick, simple, inexpensive, hilarious and compelling,'” he says. “So that’s what we’re doing. I think it needs visual stimulation to go along with it.”

“Another Soulmate” will be a centerpiece of the band’s live set this tour, along with such Jane’s hits as “Three Days,” which Farrell is particularly looking forward to playing. As the mastermind of Lollapalooza, Farrell is obviously used to sharing bills, but it’s unusual at this point for Jane’s to share a package tour.

“I’ve met the Coheed and Cambria kids; I like them a lot. I like how creative they are with their comic book stuff; it’s amazing that they’re so into making comics and superheroes and things like that. It reminds me a little bit of the Tool guys when I first met them and they were really into doing interesting and bizarre things with video,” he says. “The Alice [in Chains] guys I’ve known forever; I knew them in their heyday and I’ve continued to stay in touch with Jerry Cantrell.”

Alice in Chains and Jane’s Addiction also share personnel on top of a tour roster; they’ve both featured former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan in their lineups. McKagan, who will join the Uproar Tour with his new band Walking Papers, left Jane’s under sudden circumstances, but Farrell insists that all is well with the longtime friends. “We never really had differences – Duff, kind of, when he had issues with me and my band, he didn’t let it be known to me,” Farrell says. “But I can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug.”

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