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Inside Michael Jackson’s Wacko Vegas Fire Sale

Michael Jackson’s random crap has, much like the pop star himself, been biding its time in Las Vegas since late last year, arriving in Sin City by way of a bizarre and circuitous path that included courts and controversy. Jackson no longer owns the boxes of clothing, documents, pictures and toys that are being auctioned off at the Hard Rock Hotel, but a legion of fans were lined up early to see this mountain of memorabilia from the Gloved One’s past. Nineteen-year-old Rachel Regner came from all the way from Texas just to witness the stash firsthand, and was there when the doors opened. “I would never buy any of this,” she says. “It belongs to Michael.” Right or wrong, everything from Jackson’s MTV Moonman for “We Are the World” to his gold record for Off the Wall were up for grabs. But these were the highlights — many of the items for sale were not nearly so glamorous. Below, an exclusive report back in time through of the weirdest reign in the kingdom of pop.

Who could forget our Simian friend Bubbles from back in the day? Lot item 129 appears to be some lucky German Shepherd’s souvenir photo with the famous ape. It’s even signed! B.J. = Bubbles Jackson. Why, what’d you think it stood for?

Neverland Ranch really was the happiest place in the world, due in no small part to these essential party-time accessories. Who’s spirits wouldn’t be lifted by a custom Neverland visor and coloring book?


When folks think Norman Rockwell, they think ruddy-cheeked boys and girls, apple-pie, soda jerks and other wholesome American relics from the innocent days of yore. Or, in some cases, they think porn. Who are we to judge?


Joe Jackson called, and he wants his Rolodex back. Know why? Cause it took him two weeks to track down your number in order to call and ask for his Rolodex back!


‘Member when MJ’s hair caught fire while he filmed that Pepsi commercial back in 1984? That was CRAZY! This old-school can of the cola remains unopened. We bet it still tastes fine. For those on a budget, there’s also this (empty) can of Joe Jackson’s short-lived JOCola. Who brought the Captain Morgan’s?

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