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Music at Home: High Vibrations

12 songs that will boost your serotonin and leave you on the highest frequency, from Dua Lipa, Willow Smith, Queen, ELO, and more

Music has a magical way of evoking strong emotions, transporting us back to specific memories, all while shifting our energy and awakening our souls. At its best, it creates a deep connection that can bond individuals on a spiritual level, creating a genuine union and understanding of one another.

This week’s playlist is designed to bring some positive energy into your life, from Willow Smith to Electric Light Orchestra. So grab your crystals and wave goodbye to negativity! Here are 12 songs that will boost your serotonin and leave you on the highest frequency. 

Find this playlist on Spotify here.

Dua Lipa, “Levitating”
Looking to quantum shift? Maybe even project straight out of this world? Dua Lipa can single-handedly make it happen. That’s right ladies, we are levitating! 

Willow Smith,  “Wait a Minute”
With this TikTok-favored manifesting anthem, Willow Smith transports you to a neo-funk universe. Close your eyes and you may find yourself in the sixth dimension. 

Passion Pit, “Sleepyhead”
“Sleepyhead” comes from Passion Pit’s 2009 debut EP, Chunk of Change. It’s nearly impossible not to raise your vibrations with its psychedelic melody. So dance your way back to the late 2000s: With this song, the nostalgia hits hard and the beat hits harder!

Vampire Weekend, “Diane Young”
When you vibrate at a high energy, the world reflects it back to you. With Vampire Weekend’s powerful drums and hyper melodies, you’re bound to experience a cosmic shift.

Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”
A widely circulated University of Missouri study determined that “Don’t Stop Me Now” is the happiest song on earth, based on factors like its extremely upbeat tempo and Freddie Mercury’s positive lyrics. While screaming lyrics like, “floating around in ecstasy,” “like a tiger defying the laws of gravity,” and “traveling at the speed of light,” you are bound to reach your highest frequency and nothing can stop you now!

Mika, “Love Today”
British singer-songwriter Mika wants you to feel his energy with this funky disco-pop song. “I’ve been crying for so long/Fighting tears just to carry on/But now, but now it’s gone away,” he sings. It’s three minutes and 55 seconds of chaotic energy and pure happiness. 

Electric Light Orchestra, “Mr. Blue Sky”
“Mr. Blue Sky” can be found on every single beach playlist I have ever made. It immediately takes me back to my happiest memories of summer on Long Island. Stuck in a funk and looking for a breakthrough? This just might do the trick.

BØRNS, “Electric Love”
Glitter, neon lights, fantasy lovers — the electric beat and guitar riff of Electric Love make you question if life can ever get better than this.

Florence & The Machine, “Shake it Out”
The journey of healing from trauma can be difficult, but Florence Welch is here to tell us all that there’s always a silver lining. “So I like to keep my issues strong/But it’s always darkest before the dawn” is a beautiful reminder that everything will be okay.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, “40 Day Dream”
This dreamy, melodramatic, too-good-to-be-true kind of love song will put you through a whirlwind of emotions and maybe even a psychedelic trip. 

Ariana Grande feat. Zedd, “Break Free”
This pre-quarantine club banger and feminist anthem just hits differently these days. “Break Free” will have you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.  

Modest Mouse, “Float On”
Is there anything more reassuring than knowing that eventually, when the global pandemic finally ends, we’ll all float on? Lead singer Isaac Brock has said he was inspired to write the song after being hit with “bad news coming from everywhere.” Brock calls it an “ode to looking at the bright side at all costs”; I call the song a cure to my depression.


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