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Heavy Metal Monk Worships God, “God of Thunder”

Gregorian chanting, he’s not: Behold, in the video above, 62-year-old Capuchin monk Cesare Bonizzi, a Rip Van Winkle-looking friar who — when he’s not worshipping God — is worshipping the gods of heavy metal in his native Italy. We’re pretty sure Fratello Metallo (or Brother Metal, as he’s called in Italy) is only a monk in appearance, as his new album Mysteries features songs about sex, alcohol, tobacco, God and other debauchery you’d find on a Sepultura album. Bonizzi reportedly got the metal itch after seeing Metallica in concert 15 years ago (Why he was at the concert, we have no idea.) Since then, he’s headlined metal festivals throughout Europe and has released 18 albums. Despite his day job, Brother Metal’s music “isn’t aimed at saving souls,” but “converting people to live life to the fullest.”


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