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Hear King Tuff’s ‘Headbanger’ From New Sex and Sandwich-Influenced LP

Kyle Thomas hilariously answers questions about his new album, his cosmic snake friend and his love for Justin Bieber

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Dan Monick

Rather than describe the making of “Headbanger” — a track off King Tuff’s third album, Black Moon Spell — Tuff (a.k.a. Kyle Thomas) sent over a potential blurb for the song, which RS is premiering today. “‘Headbanger,'” he wrote, “is another instant classic from the scrambled egg brain of King Tuff, the mischievous gnome child of rock & roll. A love poem steeped in sexual innuendo referring to the primitive heavy metal act of wickedly banging ones skull against innocent air molecules, so that the hair explodes in a dazzling display of joy and freedom.” 

Tuff also took a moment to discuss his creative process, Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never 3D and his “cosmic snake friend Mehoggyboy.”

What makes Black Moon Spell different from your past records? What’d you change?
It’s the first record I’ve made with my touring band, Magic Jake on bass and Big Old Gary on drums. The songs were mostly written in the studio, which is something I’ve never done before. I like to think of it as a fanged toad sittin’ on a purple rock, lickin’ the edge of a switchblade.

Were there any unlikely influences? Artists or things that people wouldn’t guess had an impact on this LP?
We loved taking lunch breaks and getting these great sandwiches up the street. They were like volcanic flavor chunks of food heaven. So we’d eat those motherfuckers and listen to records, two David Peel songs mostly, “Lower East Side” and “Oink Oink.” But I’d say mostly those sandwiches had the biggest influence.

You call Black Moon Spell a “rock & roll sexperience.” How is that different from a regular rock & roll experience?
Rock & roll and sex are the same thing. They both involve energy, juices, rythym, sound, excitement, pleasure, at least a little bit of talent, screaming and orgasm faces. After we sequenced the track list we realized that “Rainbow’s Run” was 69-ing “Headbanger.” That was a happy moment for all.

A few years ago you were really into Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber concert film. What was so compelling about it? Have you seen anything better since?
I think there was some kinda crazy 3D confetti part at the end that was actually really eye dazzling. I think I was mostly into the 3D. I want shit to dazzle the fuck outta my eye. The only thing better I’ve seen since then was when my friend Wartella stepped on a dead rat or maybe some old Marx Brothers movies.

What’s next? What do you want to say or record that you haven’t said or recorded yet?
I’ve had a song kicking around in my head for a few years now, it’s called “Pissin’ on a Rattlesnake.” I haven’t quite got the tune down yet but I think that’s gonna be a good one!

Black Moon Spell is due September 23rd. Pre-order it at Sub Pop’s website.

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