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Hear It Now: Francis and the Lights’ ‘It’ll Be Better’

He’s Drake’s producer and MGMT’s buddy. Listen to his killer synthpop debut here.

He’s produced tracks for hip-hop’s biggest new star Drake and toured with psych-rock pranksters MGMT, and now Francis Farewell Starlight is getting ready for his close-up with his stellar debut LP It’ll Be Better. Rolling Stone has a first listen to the full disc here now:

Click to listen to Francis and the Lights’ It’ll Be Better.

With Better, the New York-based musician who fronts Francis and the Lights has made the best album Prince never recorded, filled with ’80s-style synth-pop throwbacks, sexed-up ballads for late-night dips in the hot tub and soulful falsetto vocals. But Starlight, who attended Wesleyan with MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, also injects these tunes with a cerebral vibe: cuts like “In a Limousine” feature tricked-out jazz-rock beats that recall studio pros Steely Dan.

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