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Hear Father John Misty’s Absurd James Comey Song

“Well he had Hillary’s emails / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto,” singer says in ode to ousted FBI director

Folk music pic.twitter.com/4PG5wBl61g — FEATHER JAM MINISTRY (@fatherjohnmisty) May 10, 2017 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Father John Misty turned Donald Trump’s stunning firing of FBI director James Comey into an impromptu folk song Tuesday night.

In the minute-long video posted on the Pure Comedy singer’s Twitter, the singer spins around what appears to be a dressing room while belting out the lyrics to his ode to this controversial moment in the Trump administration.

James Comey was fired in the month of May / James Comey was fired from the CIA,” Misty sang, naming the wrong governmental agency (though that’s understandable when you take acid every day). “Well he had Hillary’s emails / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto.”

The Comey song is the latest addition to Josh Tillman’s ever-growing songbook of political humor, joining his Simon & Garfunkel-inspired song “I Am a Cuck” with Tim Heidecker. A papier-mâché Bill Clinton also made an appearance in Father John Misty’s insane “Total Entertainment Forever” video


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