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Hear Every Time I Die’s New Rager ‘The Coin Has a Say’

Raucous cut is first song released off hardcore band’s forthcoming album ‘Low Teens’

Last December, long-running Buffalo-based hardcore band Every Time I Die were on the road in Toronto when singer Keith Buckley learned that his wife was in the hospital with a life-threatening pregnancy complication. Buckley immediately left the tour and hurried home. While everything ended up all right – his wife and child are both in perfect health today – the intense experience left a mark and inspired the lyrics on the band’s new album, Low Teens, the title being a nod to the freezing temperatures of that winter.

Above, you can hear “The Coin Has a Say,” the first song released off Low Teens, and watch its video, a grainy and frenetic live clip of which Buckley says, “If we were going to do a live video in a small club setting it was going to be like the ones we grew up watching, the ones that made us fall in love with hardcore in the first place: blurry and blown-out footage you copied from a friend who copied it from a friend who copied it from a friend that is being regularly interrupted by clips of your family at Cedar Point because that was the footage you ‘accidentally’ taped over. Watching a bootleg was like looking out a window at a strange world. We wanted you to have that feeling back.”

Low Teens will be released September 23rd via Epitaph Records. Every Time I Die will be on the Vans Warped Tour all summer.


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