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Givers Reflects on How They Formed Their Connection and What Went Into Creating Their Second Record New Kingdom

Watch Givers’ performance at Bonnaroo and live interview with Rolling Stone

Following their acoustic performance at Teva’s DIY lounge at The Grind, Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson of indie pop group Givers joined Rolling Stone and host Michelle Marie for an interview.

Made up of five high school friends from Lafayette, Louisiana, Givers found their unique sound by exploring a myriad of musical genres together. Taylor Guarisco said he knew there was something special about their organic connection.

“That’s what created the band. It felt like an immediate chemistry where ideas were being laid down together in a resonant way,” Guarisco explained. “We chase those moments collectively.”

The band’s sophomore album, New Kingdom, was a departure from their debut, as they took a nomadic approach to experiment with new influences. Guarisco went on to explain the progression of their sound and evolution as a band.

“It was fun to make a second record. We didn’t rely on any of the rhythmic pillars foundation of the first record.” Guarisco told Marie as he teased new music on the horizon. “Now, it’s exciting to know this band can play anything and do anything.”


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