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Givers on Writing Hits, Experimenting with Pop and Keeping It Different

Watch Givers perform live at the third Rolling Stone Rooftop Series event in partnership with Lunazul Tequila

On a glittering evening this summer, the sunlight comes pouring in over the Hudson River, illuminating the four sunglasses-and-rainbow-clad musicians who make up the band Givers. The energy is palpable: the songs are swingy and catchy—you almost can’t help but sway and sing along, even if you don’t know the words, or how to describe the island-Afro-indie-pop sound.

“We started this band to make something that we had never done before,” vocalist and guitarist Taylor Guarisco explains.

“Any kind of art to me, it’s about changing,” vocalist-percussionist Tiffany Lamson adds. “If I stay the same, there wouldn’t be any point to it.”

With vines weaving around drums, up the legs of keyboards and microphone stands, and the sun setting dramatically behind them, the band transformed STK Rooftop Downtown into an upbeat, energized jungle for the last installment of Rolling Rooftop Series event in partnership with Lunazul Tequila. 


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