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Gangsta Boo, 8 Ball and Maino Offer Advice on How to Avoid a Setup on ‘Pillow Talk’


It’s been said that a woman can’t teach a boy how to be a man, but Memphis legend Gangsta Boo refutes that claim with her song “Pillow Talk” from her new mixtape, “It’s Game Involved.”

Gangsta Boo, 8 Ball and Maino school rookies on the basics of Thuggin’ 101. Rule No. 1 is to keep your mouth shut, especially when dealing with the women you date.

According to this ill lyrical trio, sharing info about your money and your enemies to the wrong person could have life-threatening results. 

During the first verse, Lady Boo warns, “Most of y’all n-ggas be imaginary, friend-having, pillow talking, texting hoes, all kind of sh-t. If you end of missing then it’s yo fault.”

8 Ball takes over the song’s second verse, educating gullible men about the ills of the seemingly harmless social media sites.

“Random hoes describing sh-t like they live with ya. Facebook and Twitpic candid pictures with ya,” he rhymes. “Tipping out while you sleeping with all yo cash and jewels. You thought she was in love. N-ggas, you a damn fool.”

Maino arguably has the best verse. He takes on the persona of the antagonist. After Boo and 8 Ball’s prophetic cautionary tales, Maino offers a play-by-play of the detrimental consequences of pillow talk.

Maino stages a heist of an unassuming man who has been duped by a woman posing as his girlfriend.

Maino enjoys explaining the betrayal to the victim: “The one you met, you talked to on Skype. I know her too, she cool with Boo. I read the text you sent her, right?”

They could make this song into a movie, but I’ll settle for a video. It’s brilliant.

I know Soulja Boy wishes he heard this song before he had that rendezvous with Kat Stacks, the groupie who posted photos of his alleged drug binge.

“Pillow Talk” should be required listening for new artist development sessions. For those not in the know, this info could be life changing.

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