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G-Eazy’s Jealousy Spirals on New Song ‘Rewind’ With Anthony Russo

“I can’t take you blowin’ up my line, fuckin’ up my vibe every night,” Russo croons on breezy track

G-Eazy and guest singer Anthony Russo document relationship jealousy on their breezy new single “Rewind.” Over a soft synth lead and skittering beat, Russo croons to a romantic partner, “I can’t take you blowin’ up my line, fuckin’ up my vibe every night/ Look at this back and forth shit/ We might have to rewind.” 

The rapper continues in that thematic vein, observing “suspicious” behavior and celebrating his freedom. “Good vibes only/ Can’t be held back for nothing, no ties on me/ I’m tryna be as big as Pac, all eyes on me/ And why you sayin’ we’re together?/ You’re just my homie, fall back/ Be kind and rewind/ Let’s backtrack; I need time/ I need some good weed and me time.”

The duo paired the song with a video that quite literally rewinds a couple’s destructive relationship. Between clips of G-Eazy and Russo performing against rolling hills, reversed shots show a woman smashing a vase and bashing a mirror with a baseball bat.

G-Eazy has remained productive since issuing his 2017 LP, The Beautiful & Damned. His recent work includes “Drop,” “Sober” and “1942,” surprise EP The Vault and guest spots on Vic Mensa’s “Reverse” and Post Malone’s “Same Bitches.”


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