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Fricke’s Picks Radio: Working Man’s Glam With the Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

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A recent night in Brooklyn with the shout-along choruses and good-time-gang charge of hardy Britpop survivors the Kaiser Chiefs put me in a long-term glam-rock mood – not the elfin T. Rex-and-eyeliner bop, but the rougher-fuzz stuff, from the Seventies onward, with a hint of pub brawl under the shiny vocal hooks. The four Kaiser Chiefs songs in this dance party were all in that live show, a vigorous preview of the band’s fabulous, new mouthful, Education, Education, Education & War (ATO), out in the U.S. on April 1st. There are some detours here, across decades and the Atlantic, but everything rocks with spit, snarl and sparkle.


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