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Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch on Getting Sweaty and Forgetting Her Own Lyrics

In this exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Florence and the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch admits that she was totally nervous before hitting the stage at Bonnaroo. She had to listen to her own music to remember the lyrics of the first song in their set, because her mind “blocked out” the words. But as you can see in the performance footage, she probably could have just fallen back on the crowd, who sang right along with her. The other challenge? Playing in the heat, where she was eventually reduced to a “screaming sweaty dustball.” On the upside, she’s full of inspiration for the band’s next album, which she promises will be “heavier” and “tougher.” She also discusses her love for Buddy Holly, and Florence and the Machine’s contribution to the new tribute disc Rave on Buddy Holly.


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