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Flaming Lips Trick Out ‘Fallon’ Set for ‘Try to Explain’

Singer Wayne Coyne also shows off his ‘Pictionary’ prowess

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Even 13 albums in, the Flaming Lips know how to keep it weird, which they did with literally lots of flying colors when they stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday to perform “Try to Explain” from their latest effort The TerrorWayne Coyne crooned the epic, slow-burning synth song while standing atop a platform, possibly naked or clad in a flesh-colored body suit, and entangled in a jumble of tubes coursing with bright lights.

Flaming Lips Explain ‘The Terror’

Below, you can also watch the Flaming Lips frontman show off his Pictionary prowess as both a guesser and drawer, teaming up with actress Julie Bowen for a thrilling, down-to-the-wire round against Fallon and Demi Lovatto. (And keep your eyes peeled for a Keith Richards cameo in the second clip.)


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