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Fifth Harmony Reveal Attempts to Make Camila Cabello Stay for ‘One More Album’

“To watch Camila walk away from this special world we’ve built with you is tough,” Fifth Harmony write to fans

Fifth Harmony released a second letter addressing Camila Cabello’s exit from the pop group, after Cabello said she was “shocked” and “sad” to read that the group felt her departure was sudden. According to Cabello, her exit was known well in advance of the announcement. 

According to Fifth Harmony’s new letter, Cabello’s first solo effort in late 2015 and her duet with Shawn Mendes titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer” caused problems. They paint a picture of a member with one foot out the door as they claim they spent months trying to plan meetings, group counseling and label interventions to try and convince Cabello that they deserve “one more album of her time.” They revealed that Cabello did not attend any of the meetings or counseling sessions they scheduled.

Cabello’s manager was the one to tell Fifth Harmony that she would be leaving, having informed them in mid-November that a December 18th Jingle Ball tour date would be her last performance with them.

“To watch Camila walk away from this special world we’ve built with you is tough but we will move forward together,” they said. “We are excited to continue to put positivity into the world and light into people’s lives. The four of us recognize that we would be NOTHING without Fifth Harmony.”

Remaining members Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei ended their message by reaffirming that they will continue on as a quartet and that this would be their last message regarding the situation, so as to not continue engaging “in this back and forth.”

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Fifth Harmony revealed Sunday night that Camila Cabello has left the popular “Work From Home” group. Watch here.


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