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Exclusive Listen: Stevie Nicks Returns With Romantic ‘In Your Dreams’

Stream the Fleetwood Mac singer’s new solo record

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In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks‘ first solo album in a decade, finds the Fleetwood Mac singer in fine form as she returns to familiar themes of mysticism and romance. Nicks finds storytelling inspiration everywhere, from the Twilight series on the gothic ballad “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” and Edgar Allan Poe on the epic “Annabel Lee,” to her own past on the revived Rumours outtake “Secret Love.” Her voice is a bit weathered with age, but she still sounds remarkably distinct and vital, particularly on the rocking title track and the wistful finale “Italian Summer.” In Your Dreams won’t be in shops until May 3rd, but you can stream the album in full now. If you pre-order the disc from Barnes & Noble, you’ll get an exclusive bonus track called “My Heart.”

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