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Ex-Evanescence Members Debut We Are the Fallen With Smithson

We Are the Fallen — the new band comprised of onetime American Idol hopeful Carly Smithson and former members of Evanescence — made their debut in L.A. yesterday, performing two songs: their original first single “Bury Me Alive” and Evanescence’s “Going Under.” The band has already had to change their name due to a potential copyright issue (they were “The Fallen” earlier this week), and Buzznet reports that at a Q&A following the gig, guitarist Ben Moody said the moniker “seemed like a really good idea to encompass all of our fans that we already had with our previous band and I guess make it more of an inviting thing for all the fans to come in and be a part of something rather than just be a fan of a group.” Video of the press conference is posted at Blabbermouth.


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