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Eric and Magill Chase What Matters in ‘Baggage and Clothes’ – Premiere

Electropop duo ponders survival in new clip

Eric and Magill’s dream-pop track “Baggage and Clothes” comes armed with a mysterious video that includes a briefcase hand-off and a chase sequence.  The imaginative clip from members Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman – formerly of the indie-rockers Camden – puts a distinct stamp on this first single from the pair’s second album, Night Singers.

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“This song was written as a reflection of several different events that transpired while I was living and working in a more remote region of Kenya,” Weber, who was stationed there as a teacher with the Peace Corps, tells Rolling Stone. “It is a place where mob justice and small arms conflicts could erupt with no warning and I could find myself in the middle of it. The song is a reflection of how anything we’ve accomplished, how we perceive ourselves, what we might believe in, what we say, where we’ve been – how none of this really matters when you’re just hoping for survival.”

Eric and Magill’s single was crafted through a series of email exchanges – as was all of Night Singers and its predecessor, 2010’s All Those I Know. Despite residing on separate continents, Weber – who has also played in Decibully and the Promise Ring – and the Brooklyn-based Osterman have perfected an electropop formula that effortlessly transcends the distance between them.


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