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ENHYPEN Would Be Down to Film a Movie. And Its Title Would Be ‘Avengers’-Inspired

K-pop group answers a set of rapid-fire questions for Rolling Stone‘s Say Anything series

The boys of ENHYPEN are interested in bringing their lives to the big screen. The group — comprising, Ni-ki, Sunghoon, Jungwon, Sunoo, Heeseung, Jay, and Jake — stopped by Rolling Stone‘s studio to answer some silly, rapid-fire questions for an episode of Say Anything.

The group — which recently released the album Dimension: Answer — started by sharing a fun fact about the group: They love to eat. “Our taste in food? How well we eat?” says Jungwon. But maybe that’s not news to their fans. They “basically know everything there is to know about us,” Jungwon adds.

Jake spoke about a time he had to change the ambiance in the recording studio to get fully in the mood to record. “There was one time I was in the studio to record a narration and I turned off the lights and lit a candle to put me in the zone,” says Jake. Adds Jay, “For the recent narration, you and I went to the studio and spent an entire three days!”

“I was with Jay the whole day,” adds Jungwon with a giggle. “I sent you a picture of us.”

But what would’ve happened if they hadn’t become a K-pop group? “We’d be doing well,” says Sunoo. “I think I would be in Australia,” adds Jake. “I might have gone back to the U.S. by now,” chimes in Jay. The boys all agree that Sunghoon would’ve continued his ice skating passion. “He would have been on TV either way,” adds Jake.

Sunghoon agrees. “Who knows? I might have gone to Beijing for the Olympics,” he says.

And if there were to be a movie about the group, they’d make it a documentary à la BTS: Burn the Stage. It’d be called “ENHYPEN: Connect to the World.” (“Oh, like the Avengers!” says Sunghoon as they all clap and assign themselves’ movie-making duties.)

“I’ll be in charge of production,” says Sunghoon. “I’ll do the lights!” adds Jungwon. “Then who’s going to act?” asks Heeseung. “I’ll be the stunt double,” responds Jay with a laugh.


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