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Eminem’s “Crack A Bottle” Video Leaks With No Sign of 50 or Dre

The video for Eminem’s “Crack A Bottle,” the Relapse single that was at one point claimed by 50 Cent for his own delayed Before I Self Destruct, leaked out onto the Internet yesterday (HT to Nah Right), and it’s probably unlike any hip-hop video you’ve ever seen. The first clue is that none of the rappers who have verses on it — Em, Dr. Dre and 50 — actually appear in the video. Instead, it seems to segue out of Eminem’s gruesome “3 A.M.” video, with the “Crack” video kicking off with footage of a ghoulish homeless man drinking on the streets.

From there, the bum lays his bottle down and it opens up, revealing an inner apartment complex with each room echoing the state of mind of the three principal rappers. For Eminem’s verse, the bottle shows Room #313 (Detroit’s area code) and shows how the Slim Shady felt during his struggle with addiction: The room, like the “3 A.M.” video, shows a troubled man trapped in a cell surrounded by his own paranoia and schizophrenia as the lyrics of “Crack” are sprawled all over the walls. For Dre’s verse, we jump to Room #213 (So-Cal’s area code), a smoky tattoo parlor. Finally, for 50 Cent’s Room #718, we get some insight into what goes on in the mind of Fiddy: Beautiful women traipse around a nightclub, making out with one another while making it rain with stacks of cash. Deep thinker, that 50.

The video, which was also directed by the “3 A.M.” collective Syndrome, continues the delicate balance between harsh reality and flat-out comedy that Eminem has shifted between since releasing Relapse last month, much like the LP’s content itself. Em is either launching chilling Web games or he’s at the MTV Movie Awards getting a face full of Brüno.

After the hilarious celebrity-bashing “We Made You” came the bloody “3 A.M.” We’ll see if Em can keep it going as the rapper promises to unleash Relapse 2 later this year.

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