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Elton Says He’s Done Recording

John calls “Songs From the West Coast” his last album

Elton John shocked a Manchester, New Hampshire audience Friday night when he declared that his new album, Songs From the West Coast, will be his final one.

“It’s the last record I’ll ever make,” John announced after performing “Philadelphia Freedom.” “I’m fed up with it. I like playing to you guys, but I hate the record industry. I’ve made forty albums, and it’s about time for me to get out.”

The announcement was strangely timed, because critics and fans alike have praised Songs From the West Coast and John’s recent energetic live performances as a return to form for the Rocket Man.

John closed Friday’s concert by dedicating “Your Song” to the late George Harrison, who died of cancer Thursday in Los Angeles. “Wherever you are, George, be happy,” John said after the song. “God bless you.”

John will appear on A&E’s Live by Request tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

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