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Diplo Cruises Cuba, Talks Historic Havana Concert With Charlie Rose

“I think it’s important to play places like this where the music is still brand new,” Major Lazer producer says

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Esteemed journalist and interviewer Charlie Rose joined Diplo and Major Lazer in Havana, Cuba, where the group performed a free show outside the U.S. embassy — the first major concert by an American act since the two countries began easing tensions.

In his report for CBS This Morning, Rose spoke with Diplo about Major Lazer’s globe-trotting dance music, their worldwide hit “Lean On” and how his efforts to make sure the genre continues to evolve tie into the significance of the Cuba concert.

“I think it’s important to play places like this where the music is still brand new,” Diplo said. “These are the guys who are gonna change it — the kids in Havana, the kids in Pakistan, the kids in India are the ones who’re gonna bring it to a new level.”

For young people in Cuba, the easing of tensions with the United States means exposure to a slew of new information and culture, though Diplo noted the crowd at Major Lazer’s gig already seemed well aware of the world beyond the island nation. “I was surprised by how much they knew,” he said. “How culturally aware the kids are considering there is kind of a blockade of culture reaching Cuba … and I think it’s going to change a lot, because when information starts to come you can’t stop that flow.”

The interview features several charming moments, including Rose’s grandiose descriptions of the concert and footage of him and Diplo cruising the streets of Havana in a classic car. The segment also marks Diplo and Rose’s third chat in recent months, following an interview the producer gave on CBS This Morning last October, and an appearance alongside his Jack Ü cohort, Skrillex, on PBS’ Charlie Rose in August 2015.

Following Major Lazer’s groundbreaking show, the Rolling Stones will play a free concert in at Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana on March 25th.


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