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Dio Forces Dios Name Change

Alternative rockers alter name to avoid legal tangle

California rockers Dios, whose debut album of the same name was released in March, have changed their name to Dios Malos after a cease-and-desist order was issued by Ronnie James Dio. The singer, who since 1983 has fronted the band Dio, believes the names are too similar.

“It seems confusing to the public to have a band called Dio and a band called Dios,” said Dio’s manager and wife Wendy. “As the band Dio have been touring and recording for over twenty years and have trademarked the name, it’s obvious that there can only be one band named Dio.”

Though they’ve cooperated with the order, the members of Dios disagree. “It’s pretty retarded,” says bassist J.P. Cabellaro. “When we named our band we were thinking of God. [Dios] is ‘God’ in Spanish. That’s what it means to hundreds of millions of people all over the world. It didn’t really seem like there was going to be any point of confusion. We’re up against rainbows and magic.”

Still, the band seems confident that the new name won’t hinder its growing success.

“We’re going to continue touring for our record,” says Cabellaro. “It’s not like this has happened and now we’re going to start eating healthy and taking vitamins. It’s the same as it was before except for now we’re going to be Dios Malos.”


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