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Demi Lovato in Tears as ‘X Factor’ Picks Top 16

Remaining contestants move on to live shows next week

After last week’s X Factor episode was disastrously pre-empted due to a rain delay during the baseball playoffs (say that fast five times), Fox promised to re-air the ep in its entirety. But they didn’t keep that promise, instead cutting the two-hour show down to one when it finally emerged this week on a “special” night and time. That means only determined east coasters who slogged through last week’s choppy mess got to see who Britney Spears and L.A. Reid chose to be on their final teams, as that portion of the show never aired on the west coast and was left on the cutting-room floor this week. Got that? Good. Now let’s move on!

Yes, this week was all about Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell, who each chose four acts to advance to the live shows. 

Rocking some crazy thick, dark eyebrows, Demi broke the news to her Young Adults in the living room of her swanky L.A. loft. After cutting loose white-boy rapper Nick Youngerman and bullied girl Jillian Jensen, the former Disney star started to cry. Jillian’s sobbing was just too much for Demi, who wiped away tears while admitting that crushing people’s hopes and dreams “sucks.” But what she really should have been upset about was letting through confused country/R&B artist Willie Jones and hot-mess mom Paige Thomas, whose worsening vocal performances every week made it clear that she sailed by on her Rihanna-like looks. 

Rounding out Demi’s motley crew are girl-next-door Jennel Garcia and animal print-obsessed CeCe Frey, who’s the most seasoned and deserving of the bunch but who’s going to have an uphill battle after being called “unlikable” a gazillion times over the past few episodes. So, good luck with that, girl, ’cause these reality competition shows are just as much, if not more so, about personality as they are about talent. Still, we can cross our fingers she’ll hang on longer than subpar Paige, but we won’t hold our breath.

Moving on to Simon and the Groups down in Miami, we’re giddy to announce that our girl-crush Lyric Da Queen easily sailed through to the next round with her rap group Lyric 145. (We can’t wait to see what other fancy-pants eye-patches she has in store for us in the future!) Also moving on to the live shows were Texas-bred siblings Sister C, manufactured girl group Lylas and bro band Emblem3, whom Simon acknowledged weren’t too polished but still had something – incessantly exposed abs, perhaps? – America would fall in love with. 

Sent packing on Simon’s teams were duo Dope Crisis and manufactured boy band Playback, who didn’t even have a name until this week as far as we know. While we thought Playback would squeak through based on their similarities to One Direction, we’re relieved we won’t have to listen to lovesick Owen Stuart constantly mention his phantom girlfriend Tori anymore. 

Now, buckle up: The X Factor goes live next week with the Top 16. This is where things really start to get interesting, people!  

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